Chapter 14 Water Resources

Chapter 14 Water Resources - Chapter 14- Water Resources...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 14- Water Resources 14-1 Waters Importance and Unique Properties Why is Water so Important? We live on a planet that is about 71% H20. Water plays an important role in sculpting the earths surface, moderating climate, and diluting pollutants What are some important properties of water? Water has hydrogen bonds, H2O exists as a liquid over a wide temp range b/c of the strong forces of attraction btw water molecules, H2O changes temp very slowly b/c it can store a large amount of heat w/ out a large change in temp, it takes lots of heat to evaporate liquid water b/c of the strong forces of attraction between it molecules, liquid water can dissolve a variety of compounds, water can balance pH, it filter out wavelengths of UV radiation, it expands when frozen. 14-2 Supply, Renewal, and use of water resources How much fresh water is available? only about .014% of H2O Is available to us as soil moisture, usable groundwater, water vapor, and lakes. This water is continuously collected, purified, recycled, and distributed in the solar-powered hydrologic cycle as long as we dont (1) OVERLOAD IT WITH SLOWLY DEGRADABLE AND NONDEGRADABLE WASTES, (2) WITHDRAW IT FROM UNDERGROUND SUPPLIES FASTER THAN ITS REPLANTISHED. What is surface water? Precip that doesnt infiltrate in the ground or return to atmosphere is called surface runoff, which flows into streams, lakes, and wetlands and reservoirs. a. 2/3 of runoff is lost by seasonal floods and isnt available for humans b. 1/3 is reliable runoff we can count as stable source of H2O from yr to yr. c. Watershed or drainage basin is region from which water drains into a stream, lake What is Groundwater? *Groundwater precipitation that infiltrates the ground and percolates downward....
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Chapter 14 Water Resources - Chapter 14- Water Resources...

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