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History march 4 - History march 4, 2008 Alexander...

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History march 4, 2008 Alexander Hamilton’s economic plan, goals are to assume the states debt and fund the national debt. And he wants the U.S. government to pay the debt at the full amount. They bonds were so low b/c there was to taxing so they didn’t think that they would ever collect. The third part to Hamilton’s economic plan is to start a national bank. What is his overall objective? – He wants to have a strong centralized and energetic government and he thinks that using the national debt to do so, through policies and so forth. This is what he called for in philli but was not granted. Hamilton is going to get a strong response from Jefferson and Madison. This is going to develop into the first political parties. Who were the great collaborator that would call for the philli convention, Madison and Hamilton, and just a couple years later they are going to become political enemies. Madison is going to look at the policies of Hamilton and says that its not fair b/c speculators are going to get all of the money for the bonds. So Madison proposes that we give 50 cents on the dollar to the bonds and 50 cents to the original owners. The second major expression of the Jeffersonian opposition and the rise of
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History march 4 - History march 4, 2008 Alexander...

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