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History feb 26 08 - government that has the power to...

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History feb 26 08 Phillidelphia convention may-sept 1787 Amend the articles Virginia plan- james Madison New jersey plan Hamilton’s plan Great compromise Electoral college choosing a president The founding fathers were elites of the society. They feared that there was too much democracy. All together there are 55 delegates that gather themselves in Philadelphia. They select george Washington to be the chairman. The convention was supposed to be there to revise the articles but they never actually talk about it in the 10 days they are there. They are going to consider James Madison’s Virgina plan and its going to be the blue print for the constitution. Madisons Virginia plan proposed a truly national
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Unformatted text preview: government that has the power to dictate the states, and that they had right to veto, and the military force can be used against any state. This is not a meeting of all of the diverse people in America, its only with nationalists. The small states do not accept this policy b/ c small states did not want to be bullied by the larger states. They are going to use equal representation in the house like we do today The new jersey plan. Hamiltons plan says that the president should have an absolute veto power, and that the governors should be appointed by the government....
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