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Ewers Jennifer Ewers Poobah English 104-514 February 23, 2008 Seeing Double? : Cloning and Genetic Engineering in the 21 st Century Having a permanent double to get into trouble with is a secret wish of many children. The well-known twin pairs Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen or Tia and Tamara Mowry always had a look alike to trade places with as they grew up. Since the adolescent twin stars have grown to become young adults, further scientific discovery has made it possible to have a duplicate without the necessity of being lucky. Cloning and stem cell research are among the many branches of genetic engineering in the present society. Although there can possibly be negative aspects to the advancement of biotechnology in the 21 st century, the motives that make genetic engineering a consideration, the moral beneficiaries and the future of the child and family are more important reasons that cloning should be made legal. The concept of genetic engineering is sometimes considered in a family atmosphere for many reasons. Many couples face the issue of one or the other not being able to produce offspring and search for an answer to their problem. Carson Strong shows how beneficial cloning can be to an infertile couple by addressing how they desire to have genetically related children. In doing so, Strong states the correlation of procreation and giving birth to a genetically related child and argues that there could be more behind the issue for the couple such as: having their
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Final - Ewers Jennifer Ewers Poobah English 104-514...

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