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WorkCited - 4 Hockenbury Don H and Sandra E Hockenbury...

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Work Cited 1. e-Healthcare Solutions, “Schizophrenia Facts”, (1999-2006), URL= http://www.justschizophrenia.com 2. Expanded Academic ASAP, “Antipsychotic--bifeprunox mesilate.(drug therapy of schizophrenia)", Manufacturing Chemist 77.4 (April 2006): 28(1). 3. General Reference Center Gold, "The need to know.(schizophrenia)", Community Care (Sept 14, 2006): 22, Thomson Gale.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Hockenbury, Don H., and Sandra E. Hockenbury, Discovering Psychology Fourth Edition, Worth Publishers 2007. 5. Informe, “Researchers at Children’s Hospital Boston Say New Pathway in the Brain Could Point to Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease, Schizophrenia.”, SciTech21 (Oct 5, 2006), Thomson Gale. 6. World Book Encyclopedia (1997) (176)...
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