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exp2TA - Experiment#2 Bevo is Dead Chemistry 111-506...

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Experiment #2- Bevo is Dead Chemistry 111-506 Jennifer Ewers and Youngmin Kim (T.A.) Spring 2007 Introduction Bevo died as a result of asphyxiation, with symptoms including a rapid pulse, tremors and difficult breathing. These symptoms can all be linked to nitrate poisoning. Grazing animals can be victims of this, because it tends to accumulate in their food and water sources. Nitrate is not toxic itself when in small doses but can be deadly if an animal is exposed to too much nitrate. The goal of this experiment is to figure out which source caused the nitrate poisoning and killed Bevo. Materials and Methods This experiment calls for a well plate to be used for serial dilution. A sample of 100 mg of potassium nitrate and a sample of 50 mg potassium nitrate are used to perform the serial dilution. Theses samples will be diluted into different samples of ppm, molality and molarity. In a well, a drop of diphenylamine solution will be combined with 5 drops from a different dilution sample.
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