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Unformatted text preview: Experiment #3- The Manipulation and Graphical Depiction of Scientific Data Chemistry 111-506 Jennifer Ewers and Youngmin Kim (T.A.) Spring 2007 Introduction The work and presentation of information by scientists is very important. It is subject to much scrutiny by the peers in the scientific community and even the media at times, depending on how controversial the subject is. There are strategies on how to present data to make it the easiest to understand and evaluate. Materials and Methods This lab deals with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. There are 3 exercises to practice spreadsheet skills on. The first one deals with global carbon emission in 12 different areas around the world. A pie chart is made from this table and edited to make the colors more representative of the data. The next exercise deals with the sources of the CO2 emissions. A chart comparing the USA to China is constructed and turned into two different kinds of histograms. The last exercise deals with the CO2 level from Mauna Loa turned into two different kinds of histograms....
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