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Experiment #4- The Copper Cycle Chemistry 111-506 Jennifer Ewers and Youngmin Kim (T.A.) Spring 2007 Introduction Copper is an important element to civilization and the economy. It is used in compounds by the electrical industry, as an algaecide, a fungicide, a seed dressing, found in ceramics and glassware and is found in a compound in fireworks. Copper is necessary for the healthy development of connective tissue, nerve coverings and bone. Copper can also be dangerous to our body in high concentrations. Because of its many used industrially, it is seen as a common pollutant. The copper cycle is a series of reactions that takes the copper from its elemental state to various compounds back to the elemental state. Materials and Methods To start the lab, we made a hood from a funnel, tubing and aspirator. We put .2531 grams of copper turnings into a 50 mL beaker and set it on the wire gauze above the Bunsen burner. We then acquired 5 mL of 6 mole HNO 3 . The solution was gently heated to speed up the reaction. The aspirator funnel/hood
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