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HISTORY 105 NOTES January 24, 2007 SI SESSIONS SI LEADER: BRITTANY SUNDAY 6-6:50 HECC 105 WEDNESDAY 6-6:50 HECC 105 THURSDAY 7-7:50 HECC 105 RECAP: During the sixteenth century the Spanish created the largest empire in the Americas. This is important to us because, Texas has more Spanish heritage than English heritage. Also, during this period when Spain was dominating in the America’s there was a war going on in Europe over who was going to dominate over in Europe and spilt over to the Americas. EX: Colonists who settled in Maryland area chose this area because it was a very easy place to see Spanish attacking invaders, although the Spanish never attacked. The Spanish conquest was made possible by the Columbian exchange- the biological exchange that took place between the New and Old World which brought some benefits to both but also brought diseases to the New World. The Spaniards didn’t receive land grants but were rewarded with grants of labor. From this came the “Black Legend.” There was a tremendous transfer of wealth from the Native Americans to the Spanish. _______________________________________________________________________ _ Why did the British decide to colonize in North America? 1. The British (English) see the Spanish reap such a large profit with little effort. English seadogs (pirates) were able to see the Spanish wealth because they stole much of it. Pirating was a great way for the English to make a profit. 2. The development of mercantilism ***ON QUIZ/ TEST***. Mercantilism is economic nationalism for the purpose of building a wealthy and powerful state. 3. Had recently done a conquest in Ireland. They set up the Plantation System that was also used in the New World. The Irish were catholic and the British were Protestant. 4. England is a very small island. They had people that they did not “want” there, so instead of sending them to jail they would ship them to the colonies. Australia was actually settled by two boats of convicts shipped from England. English, Dutch, and Spanish came to believe that the possession of colonies is a sign of more wealth. The colonies would produce raw materials that the homeland could no longer produce. Raw materials- Naval Stores (wood, tar, tall trees- used to make mast’s), fish, and sugar.
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January 31, 2007 BLUE BOOKS: - Bring two blue books to class on Friday. (5 bonus points on quiz!!!) - Do not write name in Blue Books. - Bring large (grey/white) scantron on Friday! For Quiz: - Chronology - Read over hand-written notes over Pagan. Four mass migrations to the British Colonies: - 20,000 puritans settling in Massachusetts/NE between 1621-1641. - 17 th century- 100,000- 150,000 settle in the Chesapeake. Overwhelmingly, most were servants. -
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