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History 105 Potential Essay Questions 1. Trace the evolution of slavery as a political issue from the Missouri Compromise through 1877. NOTES: Missouri Compromise When? In 1820, at the end of the Era of Good Feelings What? Missouri and Maine were both applying for statehood. Maine would enter the union as a free state and Missouri as a slave state Why? in order to keep a balance in the senate between the number or free and slave states representatives. Established the 36 30 line that divided the slave and free states of the United States. Who? Proposed by Henry Clay Throughout the antebellum era slavery grew more popular in the southern states Slaves could not be imported after 1808, so an interstate slave trade began. 3.9 million slaves in the United States by 1860. All southerners supported slavery, even those who could not afford slaves
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Unformatted text preview: because they were still thought of as “superior” to the slaves and because the southern economy revolved around slavery, so poor southerners profited as well. Northerner’s remain ambivalent about slavery until the 1850’s. Much of the change in consciousness about slavery came about during the Second Great Awakening. Differences in slavery were not about “property rights” but about whether or not you can define human beings as property. Manifest Destiny reinforced slavery expansionism. The abolitionist movement had existed in the US since the establishment of the Republic. “Abolitionists invented the concept of equality of the law regardless of race.” The Civil War Era of Reconstruction (1863-1877)...
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