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Extra Credit - WFSC 301 STUDENT QUESTIONNAIRE Name Brandon...

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Name Brandon Cornett M F Major: Ag Development Academic status: Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior Graduate Student Hometown, State: Bay City, Texas Did you grow up on a ranch or farm? Y N The population of my hometown is:  < 5,000 5,001 - 25,000 25,001 – 100,000 100,001 – 500,00 > 500,000 INTERESTS IN WILDLIFE AND CONSERVATION While growing up, which of the following activities did you often participate in (often enough to develop  competence in the activities)?  Select all that apply. camping bird watching swimming hunting - waterfowl other: freshwater fishing golf hunting – big game photography saltwater fishing hiking hunting – small game boating What did you like/not like about this class (be honest!!) It was very interesting and I enjoyed the fact that you kept it fun, it was a class that I actually enjoyed coming too. Haha that sounds weird but true the class was interesting and I like the way you kept the class involved it was fun. . What would you have liked to learn more about in this class? (Specific issues, species, controversies, etc.) Honestly i really don’t know, you covered a lot of issues I was interested in like high fencing, water and land rights things like that. How important are the following issues to you?  [0 = not an issue, 1 = somewhat of an issue, 2 = important issue, 3= extremely important issue] Issue Rating I would like to learn more about this  issue endangered species 0 1 2 3 Y N landowner rights 0 1 2 3 Y N water availability 0 1 2 3 Y N over harvest of marine fisheries 0 1 2 3 Y N habitat destruction 0 1 2 3 Y N water pollution 0 1 2 3 Y N
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course WFSC 201 taught by Professor Powell during the Spring '08 term at Texas A&M.

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Extra Credit - WFSC 301 STUDENT QUESTIONNAIRE Name Brandon...

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