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ALIAKBER Z.HAKIMJEE SUMMARY NO#5 Fox News Sunday 7 th October 2007 TheFOX News Sunday with Chris Wallace on October 7, 2007 was an interview with Nancy Pelosi, the first woman speaker of the house, and the longest-serving member of Congress on the intelligence committee. The talk was about the two main issues. The children's health insurance program was the first issue and its expansion plan was passed by the congress this week and vetoed by the president. Pelosi was against the Veto and trying to convince the president and to the congress about the importance of the program. She believed that cutting of the budget on the program meant cutting of children benefits. She had a goal of winning the congress votes to override the president’s veto. In one of her statements she says “We were $90 billion, and we've cut it almost two-thirds of what our original request was. Now we're down to $35 billion. As you go down lower,
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