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Aliakber Z.Hakimjee Gilleylen 1302.S09 October 29 th 2007 Love or Lust There has been a significant contrast in the way relationships are treated and defined in our modern generation compared to what it used to be in previous times. With the development of science and technology, the thinking of a man has changed. From a positive perspective on a relationship point of view, it has made communication easier and faster. From a negative point of view however, technology has affected relationships by introducing money making schemes such as pornography, virtual dating and media propaganda. Because the modern trend of love seeks more lust, the Writers of the movie “The Heartbreak Kid” attempts to depict the effects of sexual orientation, alienation, peer pressure, adultery and deceitful acts as the major causes of disastrous relationships. The movie starts with Eddie, who is out casted in the community because he was a forty years old and unmarried. He is pushed by his perverted father, Jerry, and his best friend, Rob, to consider marriage. When attending a party, he is thought of as gay by children on his table and laughed off by people because was unmarried. A twist in his life comes about when he meets a beautiful lady, Lila who
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was robbed on the street. Although Eddie wanted to spend time with her before marriage, he couldn’t make his own decision because of the continuous peer pressure from his father and his best friend. On his honeymoon, he starts to realize that he had a complete different personality from Lila, who was a sex freak and not
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the heartbreak kid - Aliakber Z.Hakimjee Gilleylen 1302.S09...

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