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Unformatted text preview: AEM120 Fall 2007 Quiz #1 September 4th, 2007 Pedro David Prez Answer the following matching questions on the Scantron. Please return both pieces of paper. You will have five minutes to answer the quiz from the moment the professor declares it started. Name of student Student ID __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ Associate the following statements with the framework they belong to 1. Capital intensive, advertising intensive, concentrated industries; a. 2. High R&D intensity, large and fragmented markets, young industries; b. 3. Information and change; d. 4. Opportunity recognition/assembly of resources/launching the new venture/building success/harvesting; e. 5. Technology push and market pull. c. a. b. c. d. e. Industry conditions against success of new firms; Industry conditions for the success of new firms; Keys to entrepreneurial change; Sources of entrepreneurial opportunity; The process perspective on entrepreneurship. 9. Because of the very significant difference in resources between large incumbent competitors and entrepreneurial startups, large incumbent competitors tend to be more flexible than entrepreneurial startups a. True b. False 6. Which of the following is not a component of the definition of entrepreneurship? a. Assuming risks b. Business management c. Managing d. Organizing e. Personal wealth 7. An entrepreneurial opportunity refers to changes occurring in which one of the following, allowing the potential to create something new? a. Technology b. Political conditions c. Demographic conditions d. Economy e. Any of the above 8. The hallmark of an entrepreneur is her/his ability to identify business opportunities a. True b. False 10. Who of the following e-clips speakers emphasized that there can be such a thing as excessive market segmentation a. Earl Blanks Party City b. Jay Walker priceline.com c. Linda Mason Bright Horizons d. Maggie Coffey - Tetragenics e. Sandy Maine Sun Feather Natural Soap Co. ...
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