Test1Notes - January 23, 2008 Why did they parachute cats...

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January 23, 2008 Why did they parachute cats onto Borneo in the late 1960’s? o To get rid of malaria first they sprayed DDT to kill the mosquitoes carrying the malaria, then the critters that eat the mosquitoes got the poison…it was like the domino effect and created an imbalance Every American born will need 3.7 million pounds of minerals, metals, and fuels in their lifetime Non-renewable vs. renewable? o Renewable-if it takes less than 100 years to replenish, energy from solar panels. Days-solar, wind Years-food crops Decades- trees (in theory) o Non-renewable- if it takes over 100 years to replenish…coal(plants and swamps), petroleum (made from plankton)…generally a fixed quantity that forms over long periods of time o Plants at the surface of the earth are renewable, but coal isn’t Resources Grouped Based on Similar Uses and/or Properties o Energy o Metallic- possesses high electrical and/or thermal conductivity, malleable, and ductile o Non-metallic Ethanol o Resources? Ethanol comes from corn, the kernels, and its renewable o Good or Bad Idea? it affects our food supply January 28, 2008 Petroleum- we import 2/3 of our petroleum, the US makes 1/3 Saudi Arabia, Norway, Russia major imports of petroleum, we import more from Canada more than anybody else, and then mexico Resource demand and environmental impact o Environmental impacts Water Air Land Biota Cultural impacts The environment problem that is causing biggest impact ad is the root of all other environmental problems, and/or greatly exacerbates them, is;
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Test1Notes - January 23, 2008 Why did they parachute cats...

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