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January 16, 2008 Theatre- root of the word is the greek word theatron, theatron means “the seeing place”, the act of seeing and being seen, it requires actors and audience, theatre doesn’t exist without an audience, three ingredients, actors, audience, and space. Theatre spaces: proscenium (in front of the scene) arch- traditional theatre, makes it more 2 dimensional, better in the front than back proscenium thrust-the stage thrust out into the audience, more intimate, adds a third dimension, the audience can see each other arena staging-audience members 360 degrees around the stage (bball court), minimal set pieces so characters can always be seen, entrances and exits must be built in differently ampitheatre- outdoor in general black box theatre-relatively small square room painted floor to ceiling black, creates a very small intimate space, entirely flexible, very intimate dinner theatre-non traditional, challenging, can be done in any of the above What do we expect when going to a play? entertainment drama-root is drawn, to do or to act conflict- almost always, conflict between characters emotion-see and experience beginning and middle and end, a story, and a reflection of ourselves action Aristotle’s definition of theatre-mimesis: the imitation of human action Events that are like theatre but aren’t: sports, movies, politics, public figures/speeches, lectures, weddings, worship, concert Parallels between: entertainment, action, emotion, conflict, beginning middle and end, set roles, escape (all you have to do is watch), costumes, coach/director, a stage, hierarchy of cast/team, safe venue to express emotion What’s the difference? It’s not scripted, athletics are for real, the willing suspension of disbelief (theatre) participating in the illusion that what we are seeing is real and is happening for the first time, we all participate in the allusion January 18, 2008 What is the difference in live theatre and film? Film is edited and recorded so the audience does not effect film, movie stars draw more crowds to film, theatre hones skills, sustain character, movies have much larger sets, film has control over how we experience it
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Test1Notes - Theatre root of the word is the greek word...

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