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February 11, 2008 We watched the movie Importance of Being Ernest February 13, 2008 Differences between film and the play so far…. o The dialog is different in the movie, like extra stuff not found in the play o The scenes in the play are altered…no tattoo in the play, gwen drove a car…not rode in a train, the timeline is turned around, location changes o Music, the use of musical underscoring, uses it to tell the emotional underscoring A movie that used the absence of underscoring….cast away, only using the natural sounds around him to let us feel his aloneness o The movie has Mr. Worthing’s name really is John, his fathers Christian name It gives Lady Bracknell a softer side, she decides not to tell that John is his real name o In the movie, Lady’s background is a naughty dancer. .and she is pregnant that is why they are married o They make Jack older in the play (35)…he was 29 in the movie o The movie water downs the wit and replaces wit cheesy moments February 15, 2008 Starts to break away from realism, written by Tennessee Williams o Tennessee Williams- one of the most successful and well known American playwright of the 20 th century, A Street Car Named Desire, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, and Glass Menagerie (1945) top three plays o Born in 1911, he wrote the play in his 30s, he died in the 1980s, Williams is Tom in the play…not really but its like him…he did work in a shoe factory, had a father who was gone, a crazy mother, and a sister rose who was mentally ill…it is autobiographical, he had a compassion for fragile and broken individuals o The frame is contemporary to the audience, he goes back to the 1930s, he immediately breaks the fourth wall by saying it’s a play February 18, 2008 First words of play spoken directly to audience Tom gives us truth in the presence of an illusion The play is not realistic, memory, sentimental, dimly lit Screen image and screen legend, picture vs. word Departures from realism o Anything that is not natural (lamp, light on the father) Laura is like a child with quarreling parents (Tom and Amanda) The music becomes Laura’s theme music…her beauty and the fragility February 20, 2008 Heart of the play scene 3
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o Tom’s speech: bottom of page 14, tom is giving voice to a lot of Americans who hate their jobs, Tom is going to the “movies” it is his way of escape, Toms coat rips when he puts it on and he throws it, and then it hits Laura’s glass case and
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Test2Notes - We watched the movie Importance of Being...

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