governmentreview - Grand Jury- Function: Determine whether...

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Unformatted text preview: Grand Jury- Function: Determine whether or not sufficient evidence is shown in order to hold a trial in a criminal case- Number of Jurors: 12- True bill (an indictment) issued when grand jury finds sufficient evidence Petit Jury- Function: To determine whether the person on trial is guilty or innocent with the evidence that they are supplied- Number of Jurors: 12 Disqualifications for Jury Duty- Served on a jury within the last 6 months for 6 days or more (County Court of Appeals 13 days)- Not a US citizen- Cannot read/write the English language- Convicted of a felony- Convicted of theft-misdemeanor or felony- Must be of sound mind Exemptions for Jury Duty- Over 70 years of age- Caretaker of a child under the age of 10 & serving on the jury would leave the child unattended - Student enrolled and attending school- Member of armed forces and on active duty- Caretaker of an invalid Venire - The number of people from which the jury will be derived Voir Dire Process- The defense and prosecuting sides ask questions to the main venire to see who will be the most impartial, unbiased jurors- The sides basically pick who they think will benefit them most and will vote in their favor The death penalty does not serve as a deterrent or a threat to criminals Ruiz vs. Estelle- Ruiz Inmate Estelle Prison Warden- Ruiz argued the 8 th amendment that says no cruel and unusual punishment because the prison lacked enough bunks/room for him- The courts decided that it was indeed cruel and unusual punishment- Implemented the rule that a prison cannot allow any more criminals in if at 95% occupancy o This caused a backup in prisons DNA Testing for Convicts- If a criminal can petition the court and say DNA could indeed prove innocence then the state will pay for testing 70% of minorities do not show up for jury duty 25% of minorities do not even receive their summons for jury duty Minorities do not serve because:- Most cannot read/write the English language- Some are caused economic hardship if they miss work because they are paid by the hour Racial Profiling- African Americans and Hispanics are twice more likely to be pulled over and searched- Now anytime a car is searched by an officer the officer must note what race the driver is Poverty Threshold- Determines if people are entitled to health and human services- Set by government by the basic income needed to meet the basic needs of life...
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governmentreview - Grand Jury- Function: Determine whether...

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