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15-45 - The fact that present-day South America and the...

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Joe Dickerson Thomas Bender A Nation Among Nations January 22, 2008 Audience: The reader and general public of the United States of America. Thesis: The present day United States, dating back to European colonization, is not the most important part of the discovery of the Americas as many have been previously taught. Structure/Evidence: “An the usual story about ‘settlement’ that follows ‘discovery,’ ‘contact,’ or ‘invasion’ is not only linear but very narrowly channeled” The author also states: “The story of North America and of the United States is part of that larger, more important history, not vice versa.” Authors Perspective: Throughout this portion of his writings Bender is expounding the fact that other, very crucial events prelude the settlement of North America by Europeans, which are, more often than not, looked over by common history teachings.
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Unformatted text preview: The fact that present-day South America and the Caribbean were the first, and initially most impacted by eastern explorations is crucial to understanding the colonization of North America in regards to slavery, hierarchy, and the view of future colonists. Response: It is obvious that the events before European colonization of present day America are crucial bits of information that are merely viewed as precursors to the development of colonies in North America. The author spells it out at the very beginning of the reading when he, in fewer words, says that the history of United States in only a piece or the broader, more important history of world history. “On my honor, as an Aggie, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work.” ________________________________________ Joe Dickerson...
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