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Political Ideology - Joe Dickerson Andary-Polisci 206...

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Joe Dickerson Andary-Polisci 206 Monday, June 19, 2006 Political Ideology In an age of complex political procedures, many people believe that they are set in their political views, for example, staunchly conservative or extremely liberal. In all actuality, many are truly not cognizant of their actual political orientation and where they stand on various public policy issues. Although this indecisiveness is a possible situation for many, all in all, my personal political ideology is congruent with my previous notions. After completing the online quiz, I found that I was a populist-leaning, right wing conservative. While I would have expected that my outcome be staunchly right-oriented, I am comfortable with the findings. Most evidently, my views on personal freedoms are undeniably conservative. Referring to hot political issues, such as abortion, gay-marriage, and public prayer, there is no question of my conservative view. I am practically equally conservative in my economic views, I believe that if people want to be financially secure, they must be fiscally responsible on their own, and earn everything that they get. The privatization of social security could potentially solve the inevitable problem of the expiration of the program due to the balloon effect of the “baby-boomers” on the economy, and not having enough individuals paying into the system to support their monetary drain. In addition, I feel as if the wealthy should not be required to bear a financial burden due to their own personal success, and all should contribute equally to the public good. It is quite possible that I developed these views through interaction with several various agents of socialization. My family, more specifically my parents, has been most influential in shaping what is my political view today. From the very beginning my father has instilled a sense of pride in being independent and self-sufficient, which correlates with my view
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Political Ideology - Joe Dickerson Andary-Polisci 206...

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