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Lawnhon Final Reveiw - Evan Walker Lawhon 105 Test IV 1...

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Evan Walker Lawhon 105 Test IV 1) Clay American System a) New charter for the Bank of the United States for twenty more years b) Protective Tariff increased to 24% c) Wanted Internal improvements (roads and canals) at national expense but didn’t get it 2) Adam’s Deonis Treaty a) Andrew Jackson invades Florida b) Spain gives up Florida if we give up all claims to Texas c) Led to a great migration to the west 3) Missouri Compromise a) Missouri will ask to be a state (slave state) i) Would unbalance Congress b) Maine asked to as well c) Missouri comes in as a slave state and Maine comes in as a free state d) Line was drawn on 36 th parallel i) Everything above was free, everything below was slave ii) Not a good idea to divide country iii) Caused problems e) Gives the north time to industrialize and postpones inevitable 4) McCulloch vs. Maryland a) Branch Bank of Maryland tries to tax the Federal institutions in the state b) John Marshal rules this unconstitutional and that federal buildings are not property of the state but of the federal government 5) Monroe Doctrine a) States that American continents are no longer open for colonization b) Any attempt to extend a European Form of government to our Hemisphere will be considered dangerous to our peace and safety. c) Britain’s navy will enforce it d) The beginning of American Isolationism 6) Corrupt Bargain a) John Q Adams makes Henry Clay Secretary of State for the Congests vote 7) Jackson’s Political Philosophy a) Jeffersonian 8) Spoils System a) The practice of rewarding political supporters with jobs 9) Nullification 1
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Evan Walker Lawhon 105 Test IV a) State’s right to call a law unconstitutional 10) Eaton Affair 11) Cherokee Nation vs. Georgia a) Indians Had rights to land if they left peacefully b) 12,000 Indians left Georgia, 8000 made it to Oklahoma
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Lawnhon Final Reveiw - Evan Walker Lawhon 105 Test IV 1...

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