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History Notes 2 10/24/07 Clays American System o Recharter the B.U.S. (Bank of the U.S.) - PASS o Pass a Protective Tariff (24%) - PASS o Internal Improvements (roads, etc) at the Nat’l expense - FAIL Election 1816 – James Monroe o Virginia o Revolutionary soldier at 16 o Jeffersonian o Good will tour Crisis over Florida o Attacked by Indians o Do what ever is necessary to control border o Hung two British soldiers and captured a Spanish guy Adams Deonis Treaty (probably one of the greatest treaties ever) o We got Florida Had to give up all claims of Texas in Louisiana Purchase Missouri Compromise o Missouri will ask to be a state (slave state) Would unbalance Congress o Maine asked to as well o Missouri comes in as a slave state and Maine comes in as a free state o Line was drawn on 36 th parallel Everything above was free, everything below was slave Not a good idea to divide country Caused problems o Gives the north time to industrialize and postpones inevitable o South would be crazy to go to war with north without help of British and French Big Decision by John Marshell o Maryland vs. Mculugh Branch state will try to tax Federal Branch States can’t tax federal institutions in their state Nationas around the world will form an alliance o Anytme democracy shows up, they will have to pounce it and stamp it out o 1823 Monroe informs Congress several Spanish colonies are looking to become free countries o immediately Great Britian pulls out of alliance they trade, new countries means more trade Monroe Doctrine o American continents is no longer open to European powers
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o Any Attempt to extend the European form of government to our Hemisphere will be considered dangerous to our peace and safety o We will stay out of your business too Start of American isolationism for a while How do you enforce Doctrine o We don’t somebody else does…England Election of 1824 o John Quincy Adams – Mass. – 84 votes o W.H. Crawford – Georgia – 41 votes o John C Calhoun – South Carolina – dropout, vp on Adams and AJ o Henry Clay – Kentucky – 37 votes o Andy Jackson – Tennessee – 99 votes
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History_Notes_2 - History Notes 2 10/24/07 Clays American...

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