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POLS 207 Instructor: Jesse Chupp Exam II Review Sheet Fall 2007 Describe the Stratified Random Sample method of polling. The sample attempts to represent the overall population under study as nearly as possible. In our example, we wanted to know about all voters so we constructed a sample that looked like the overall population of voters. To do this we stratified the sample using the independent variables (age, gender, race, income level, etc.) and we weighted those strata based on the proportion of each from the general population of voters; e.g. if the general population has 17% Hispanic voters then we want our sample to have approximately 17% Hispanic voters. The random portion comes from using a variety of collection methods that makes sure that we minimize any bias from excluded variables. What is political socialization? Political socialization is the process by which people gain political knowledge and orientations. How do party leaders differ from party members and both of these from the average voter? Party leaders are more ideological than party members and both are more ideological than the average voter. How do we decide which variables to include in a scientific model? We include those variables that we suspect have a systematic causal relationship with the dependent variable. What attitude must be taken about all scientific theories? Since scientific theories can never be proved, the dominant theory is held until it is replaced by a better, more explanatory theory. Which party do a majority of Texans choose as their preference in terms of party identification? No party reaches the level of more than 50% that is required to
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pols-quizquestions - POLS 207 Instructor: Jesse Chupp Exam...

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