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Review for Exam #3 You’ll need the 882-E scantron NOTE: THIS WILL NOT BE AN OPEN BOOK/OPEN NOTE EXAM For the book: be familiar with the elements in the following chapters Chapter 9 o Stages of Self Regulatory Ability o Process of Improving Self-Regulation o Driving and Resisting Forces o Underlying Assumptions for Time Management Chapter 10 o Definition and Effect of Stress o Effects of Acute and Chronic Stress (see figure 10.1) o Stressors of College Life o Stress Reaction Model (see figure 10.2) o The Stressful Event, Individual Perception, The Reaction o Refuting Irrational Ideas o Breaking the Worry Cycle Chapter 11 o Three Approaches to Academic Learning o Learning the Growing of Dendrites (see figure 11.1) o Theoretical Models
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Unformatted text preview: o Connecting Psychological and Theoretical Research o Attending and Understanding Chapter 12 o How We Learn Through Storage and Retrieval o Dual Store Model (powerpoint is posted on o Dual Store Model (see figure 12.1) o Characteristics of Dual Store Model (see figure 12.2) o Why We Forget Learning Styles MBTI (How are We Engergized.) Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic Critical Thinking Comprehensive Part: Review Blooms Taxonomy Academic Dishonesty ( ) be familiar with definitions Plus any notes you took in class NOTE: BRING YOUR BOOK/NOTES TO CLASS WITH YOU ON THE DAY OF THE EXAM. DO NOT FORGET....
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