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Unformatted text preview: Single Parenting By: Markie Gasch LeaAndrea Lehde Patrick Stemper Bonnie Husman Monique Ballard Raising Helen Helen Harris's (Kate Hudson) carefree life is turned upside down after the death of her sister. She becomes responsible for her late sister's children (Hayden Panettier, Spencer Breslin and Abigail Breslin). As things become difficult, a second sister Jenny (Cusack) helps Helen learn the ins and outs of parenting, and her pastor Dan Parker (John Corbett) lends spiritual and emotional support. Aspects of Single Parenting Emotional Trust Conflict Commitment Emotional Children in single parent homes often have many emotional problems. They usually miss the other parent that they don't have so they turn to different things to deal with their emotional problems. Many turn to drugs, alcohol, and the opposite sex to fill their void. Also some children from single parent homes are forced to mature faster that children from two parent homes. Emotional When the parents were killed in the movie the children and sisters handled their emotions in different ways. On the day of the funeral the children are hiding in their parents closet away from everyone. Jenny handled her sadness by staying busy and trying to make everything perfect. Sarah starts crying on the first day of school because she doesn't know how to tie her shoes. Henry used to love to play basket ball but stopped after his parents died. Audrey started hanging around all of the boys at school. Trusting Others to Help Background on Helen Helen has to learn to trust others to help her Helen learns to trust her neighbors Nilma teaches Helen the hidden rules of being a mother "You can tell me all your problems...I'm a solver" Helen learns to trust their pastor enough to date him Helen finally trusts herself She gave the kids away to her sister but realizes that she can raise these children Trusting Others Dealing with trust in single parent families Children Difficult to learn what the norm is Only one support system in the house Must rely on other relationships to teach them Parents Must trust that the school is teaching the child everything ~Disadvantage to the children ~Single parents are less likely to be involved ~6 advantages to parental involvement Conflict Often in single parent families, there are time conflicts. The parent may be working multiple jobs and can't devote much time to their children. Other family members may have different opinions they try to force on the single parent on how to raise the children. Parents in single parent families are less likely to supervise homework or interact with the school system. There is often conflict in custody of the children which leads to emotional instability in the home. Conflicts in Raising Helen Helen started coming to work late when she had to take the kids to school and was forced to take a less demanding job. Helen's sister disagreed with Helen's parenting techniques with the children and this created tension between them, which in turn affected the children. During her workday, she had to leave and help Sarah tie her shoes, which jeopardized her job. Had there been another parent to assist the situation, this would not have created the conflict. Commitment In a single parent home the commitments to your children are more time consuming and demanding, and time for yourself is put on the back burner. Work commitments are interrupted by commitments to your children. It's difficult for a single parent to actively participate in their children's daily school activities. Commitment in Raising Helen At the beginning, Helen's commitments were to her modeling agency career, her social life, and herself. This shifts dramatically when she becomes a single parent; she now has to commit to her children and to finding a job flexible enough to accommodate them. Power There are often power struggles between the mother and father with custody of the children. The children may try to manipulate the single parent, who is overworked, stressed, and emotionally drained. If a parent dies, the oldest child may try to step up and take responsibility that should belong to the new single parent, which creates a power struggle. Power Struggles in Raising Helen Audrey takes advantage of Helen's lack of parenting skills and stress, and throws a party at Helen's apartment without her consent. Immediately after the death of the parents, Audrey begins to assume the role of the parent because Helen is clueless as to where to begin. Helen and her sister, Jenny, have a constant power struggle because Jenny feels she should have been the guardian because she raised Helen and has children of her own. Resources Raising Helen Ruby Pane Class Slides Google ...
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