An Interpretation of Franz Kafka�s �The Metamorphosis�

An Interpretation of Franz Kafka�s �The Metamorphosis�

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English 203 – 505 An Interpretation of Franz Kafka’s “The Metamorphosis” In Franz Kafka’s short story “The Metamorphosis” the reader is exposed to a tragic story of a young man named Gregor, who is put through a physical and mental transformation, from a man who had dedicated his life solely to providing for his family to an individual that is completely cut off from his own humanity. This story’s theme, man's sense of isolation, seems to mirror different aspects of Kafka’s own personal life. Kafka’s theme shows how a person’s life can be compared to an insect-like existence. In the beginning of the story, Gregor physically changes from a young man into an insect. As the story goes on Gregor begins to struggle with his identity as a human. At one point in the story Gregor is listening in on his sister as she plays the violin. He describes, with great detail, how his sister’s “gaze followed the lines of the notes,
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Unformatted text preview: searching and sorrowful.” Gregor mentions how “the music gripped him” and because he felt so moved by the music he then asked himself the question, “was he then an animal?” His dilemma is that if he can find beauty in his sister’s music, when no one else is the house is able to, then how can he be just an animal. Gregor, at this point, is having great difficulty with his quarantined life, having lost all human contact he battles the idea that since he has lost his physical human traits that he has also lost his humanity as well. Kafka’s isolated life could be seen as the inspiration for Gregor’s lonely transformation from a hard working contributor for his family to a despised animal that in the eyes of the rest of the family is no longer Gregor. The isolation theme in this story shows how a person’s life can be compared to an insect-like existence....
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