GEOG CH.6 Outline

GEOG CH.6 Outline - Geopolitical Framework: Legacies of...

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GEOG- Chapter 6 Outline Sub-Saharan Africa Environmental Geography: The Plateau Continent Africa’s Environmental Issues The Sahel and Desertification Drought and Famine Deforestation Wildlife Conservation Plateaus and Basins Watersheds Soils Climate and Vegetation Tropical Forests Savannas Deserts Population and Settlement: Young and Restless Population Trends and Demographic Debates Family Size The Impact of AIDS on Africa Patterns of Settlement and Land Use Agricultural Subsistence Plantation Agriculture Herding and Livestock Urban Life West African Urban Traditions Urban Industrial South Africa Cultural Coherence and Diversity: Unity Through Adversity Language Patterns African Language Groups Language and Identity European Languages Religion The Introduction and Spread of Christianity The Introduction and Spread of Islam Interaction Between Religious Traditions Globalization and African Culture Congo’s Authenticity Movement Music as Political Conscience The Pride of Runners
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Unformatted text preview: Geopolitical Framework: Legacies of Colonialism and Conflict Indigenous Kingdoms and European Encounters Early European Encounters The Disease Factor European Colonization The Berlin Conference Establishment of South Africa Decolonization and Independence African Unity to the African Union Apartheid’s Demise in South Africa Enduring Political Conflict The Tyranny of the Map Ethnic Conflicts Secessionist Movements Big Man Politics Economic and Social Development: The Struggle to Rebuild Roots of African Poverty Failed Development Policies Food Policies Corruption Links to the World Economy Aid Versus Investment Future Paths Economic Differentiation Within Africa Life for the Poorest South Africa Oil and Mineral Producers The Leaders of ECOWAS East Africa Measuring Social Development Life Expectancy Health Issues Women and Development Status of Women Building from Within Conclusion...
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GEOG CH.6 Outline - Geopolitical Framework: Legacies of...

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