Final Revised Draft of WP#1

Final Revised Draft of WP#1 - Marsalia 1 Angela Marsalia...

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Marsalia 1 Angela Marsalia Patricia Droz English 104-530 September 18, 2007 Embryonic Stem Cell Research Versus the War in Iraq: Are They the Same? Can you picture yourself as a human embryo being “donated to science”, “implanted in an adoptive mother”, or just having to “remain frozen in laboratories” until you are finally “destroyed” (Bush)? Several people agree that embryonic stem cell research can be a source of murder, while others consider it to help improve human lives by fighting diseases. The use of “federal dollars” in Keith Knight’s cartoon on President Bush indicates that the war in Iraq is involved and intertwined within the argument by the indication that Bush is spending too much on the war and not enough in other areas. Knight’s visual argument not only clarifies that the war in Iraq is unnecessary and should come to an end, but distinguishes what President Bush supports and what he doesn’t support by using the topic of embryonic stem cell research. In analyzing the topic of the cartoon, President Bush’s appearance seems to be very disoriented and bewildered like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about in front of an audience. The way his nose is gigantic and oval-shaped with a curve at the tip indicates that he wants everyone to agree with him in a snobbish, rather arrogant gesture. It’s not that he’s prying and wants to be in everyone’s business, he just wants to fit in with the audience. His bushy eyebrows and dotted eyes show that he is feeling a sense of invigorating uncertainty through intense fear with a gradual impulse of tremulousness because he seems unsure of himself and what he
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Final Revised Draft of WP#1 - Marsalia 1 Angela Marsalia...

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