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Final Draft of WP#2

Final Draft of WP#2 - Marsalia 1 Angela Marsalia Patricia...

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Marsalia 1 Angela Marsalia Patricia Droz English 104-530 October 16, 2007 The Bloodshed of Birmingham a.k.a “Bombingham” The Civil Rights movement was a time of violence, corruption, and grief as the classification between African Americans and Caucasians came to the immediate attention of the public as a whole. Visually asserted by McWhorter in the book, Carry Me Home , the observations, “At 10:22, an exploding bundle of dynamite knocked a man-sized hole in the steel- reinforced stone-and-brick east wall of the church restroom. It blew the clothes off the Sunday school girls and stacked them like cordwood under a blizzard of debris. All four were killed. One had been decapitated” describe how some people can become so cruel and unworthy of their behavior that they do not envision the extensive and damaging effects that arise afterwards (qtd. in “Justice” A34). How would it feel to have witnessed this horrible tragedy? How do you think the parents of each girl felt after hearing that their daughter was killed in a horrific bombing incident, especially at a church? A hate crime by the Ku Klux Klan, the Birmingham Church bombing in 1963 has caused immeasurable deliberation throughout the years since segregation was common throughout the South; it had a substantial impact on progressing toward racial desegregation in the United States. On Sunday, September 15, 1963, four white men in a 1957 Chevy were witnessed pulling up to the 16 th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, a little after 2 a.m. (Garrow 37). As two of the men got out, one of them hid a box behind the outer staircase against the
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Marsalia 2 furthermost wall of the church (Garrow 37). At exactly 10:19 a.m., a massive explosion occurred before church services started as five young African American girls were ironing their clothes in the “ladies’ lounge” (Garrow 37). After the bomb “tore through the church” fourteen year old, Cynthia Wesley lay decapitated, while the other three including eleven year old, Denise McNair
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Final Draft of WP#2 - Marsalia 1 Angela Marsalia Patricia...

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