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computer notes for chapter 6 - Pretest Chapter 6 1 The...

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Pretest Chapter 6 1. The Albany Conference of 1754: was a response to the strength of the Iroquois Confederacy. 2. Which of the following was not a major battlefield during the French and Indian War? Virginia 3. The French drew considerable strength in their struggle with the British colonies from Indian tribes displaced from the Northeast into the Ohio Country beyond the Appalachian Mountains. True 4. The pages of the colonial press revealed a belief that the power of the state was antithetical to liberty and had to be limited. This is a point of view historians call: republicanism 5. The Stamp Act directly affected the livelihoods of: lawyers, printers, and tavern owners 6. Daniel Dulany’s 1765 pamphlet rejected the British concept of “virtual representation” in favor of actual representation. True 7. Colonial reactions to the Revenue Acts of 1767 included: a boycott of British- made products. 8. The boycotting strategy created social tensions between colonial artisans and merchants: true 9. Nonimportation was strengthened by: The House of Burgesses banning the importation of goods in the Townshend Acts. 10. The Virginia Committee of Correspondence included all of the following except: George Washington 11. The Boston Tea Party of December 16, 1773 was a spontaneous, unplanned action that grew out of the excitement of a mass meeting held at Old South Church. False 12. The Quartering Act, one of the so-called Intolerable Acts of 1774, limited the boarding of British troops to taverns and other public and abandoned buildings. False 13. What colony that was not represented at the First Continental Congress eventually sent delegates to the Second Continental Congress? Georgia 14. The legislative assemblies of all of the following declared themselves in accord with the Continental Congress except: Canada 15. The first foreign nation to help the patriot cause was France: France
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Map Labeling Chapter 6 Identify the colonial claims in the map below: A: New Spain B: Louisiana C: New France D: Thirteen Colonies (New England) E: Hudson’s Bay Company A: Hudson’s Bay Company B: Quebec C: Proclamation line of 1763 D: West Florida E: East Florida F: Thirteen Colonies
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computer notes for chapter 6 - Pretest Chapter 6 1 The...

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