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computer notes for chapter 7 - Pretest Chapter 7 1 The key...

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Pretest Chapter 7 1. The key factor in the outcome of the American Revolution was: popular support for the American cause. 2. According to the text authors, the most important role of the Patriot militia was in: forcing more apathetic Americans to choose sides. 3. What percentage of Americans remained loyal to the British crown, calling themselves Loyalists? 20 percent 4. The British strategy at the beginning of the Revolution was to cut off this area from the rest of the colonies: New England 5. Benedict Arnold’s name has become synonymous with: treason 6. What was the first written constitution of the United States: The Articles of Confederation 7. The debate on the Articles of Confederation indicated there was a clear majority in favor of a strong national government. False 8. The state of Maryland held up ratification of the Articles of Confederation for over three years because it demanded: that other states give up separate state claims to western lands. 9. The expression “not worth a Continental” referred to the: depreciated value of Continental currency by 1781. 10. The Land Ordinance of 1785 provided for: The survey and sale of western lands. 11. In the 1770s, for the first time in American history, democracy became a term of approval. True 12. The new states created a wide range of state constitutions that as a group could not be classified as either radical or conservative. True
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computer notes for chapter 7 - Pretest Chapter 7 1 The key...

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