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Computer notes for chapter 8 - Pretest Chapter 8 1 What...

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Pretest Chapter 8 1. What prominent leaders were missing fro the Constitutional Convention of 1787? Thomas Jefferson and John Adams 2. The delegates to the Constitutional Convention of 1787: included most of America’s best-known leaders. 3. The Virginia Plan was to the larger states with nationalist aim as this was to the smaller states with localist sympathies: New Jersey Plan 4. One of the compromises at the Convention was over the slave population and was settled by the “three-fifths rule,” which provided that: Five slaves equaled three freemen in population representation. 5. The most important piece of legislation to emerge from the first session of Congress was: the judiciary Act of 1789. 6. When Congress debated the Judiciary Act of 1789, the final outcome included: A system which retains the various bodies of law already developed in the states and local autonomy. 7. Hamilton’s proposal to assume all outstanding state debts and fund them with federal bonds was designed to inspire confidence in the new nation’s public credit. True 8. The placement of the national capital on the boundary of Virginia and Maryland came about in a compromise to obtain enough votes to: pass Hamilton’s assumption plan. 9. The framers of the Constitution provided for political parties. False 10. Political parties began forming during: the debates over Jay’s Treaty 11. Upon becoming president, John Adams faced a difficult task because: his vice president was the leader of the opposition. 12. The XYZ Affair involved:
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Computer notes for chapter 8 - Pretest Chapter 8 1 What...

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