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computer notes for chapter 9 - Pretest Chapter 9 1. By...

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Pretest Chapter 9 1. By 1800, New Orleans had: become a thriving international port. 2. British North America dominated the continental fur trade. True 3. Agriculture in the United States was characterized buy self-sufficiency in the North and plantations in the south. True 4. In the 1790s, overseas demand was rapidly growing for: cotton 5. Thomas Jefferson walked to his inauguration because: he rejected the elaborate, quasi-monarchial style of Washington and Adams 6. Jefferson’s presidency showed that a strong leader of a national political party could shape policy peacefully. True 7. The British impressed only a few American sailors between 1807 and 1812. False 8. All of the following are true about the attack by the British ship Leopard on the American ship Chesapeake except: It led to an immediate declaration of war. 9. The Embargo Act of 1807 brought American trade to a disastrous standstill and triggered an economic depression. True 10. If you were a War Hawk, you were most likely, a Republican from the South and West. 11. The War Hawks who initiated the War of 1812 were veterans of the war for independence. False 12. The Hartford Convention’s final document: advocated a doctrine of nullification of federal law by states. 13. The westward surge following the War of 1812 resulted from overpopulated farmland in the East and newly available land in the west. True 14. Which one of the following was not a major migration route up to the 1820s? The Great Lakes to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois
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computer notes for chapter 9 - Pretest Chapter 9 1. By...

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