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computer notes for chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Pretest 1....

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Chapter 14 Pretest 1. Americans took control of the fur trade away from the British Canadians during the War of 1812. False 2. The American Fur trade was largely over by: the 1840’s 3. Which of the following expeditions mapped the overland trails to Oregon and California? John C. Fremont 4. “Manifest Destiny” referred to the theory that: Americans had a God-given right to bring the benefits of democracy to other, more backward people. 5. All the great overland trails started at: the Missouri River. 6. Danger of Indian attack on prairie wagon trains was a major problem on the Overland Trails. False 7. President Polk used several secret strategies to insure that Mexico would give up its Texas, New Mexico, and California provinces. True 8. Critics of the Mexican-American War accused President Polk of misleading Congress. True 9. He justified the individual’s moral right to oppose an immoral government. Henry David Thoreau 10. Descendents of Spanish Mexican pioneers were called Californios. True 11. The first outsiders to penetrate the isolation of Spanish California were Russians. True 12. The focal point for American settlement in California during the 1840’s was: Johann Sutter. 13. The essence of the unsuccessful Wilmont Proviso was that there must be: no extension of slavery. 14.
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computer notes for chapter 14 - Chapter 14 Pretest 1....

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