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computer notes for chapter 16 - Chapter 16 Pretest 1....

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Chapter 16 Pretest 1. Lincoln’s action relative to Fort Sumter in April of 1861 was to: send a relief force to take in food only. 2. In the North, the attack on Fort Sumter: stimulated strong feeling of patriotism. 3. Relief organizations in the North supplied soldiers from their communities with clothing, blankets, and bandages. True 4. Upon becoming president, one of Lincoln’s most difficult tasks was: establishing control of the Republican Party. 5. During the war, Lincoln saw his major role as: commander in chief to lead and unify the nation. 6. During the war, the U.S. Congress passed laws to: construct a transcontinental railroad. 7. Northern and southern military strategies were not affected by political considerations. False 8. The “Anaconda Plan” was never seriously attempted, and had no impact on Union strategy. False 9. All of the following were parts of the northern strategy called the Anaconda Plan except: invading the South in key states like Virginia. 10. Before the Civil War, most Republicans favored freeing the slaves. False 11. Lincoln gave his support to recruiting African-American soldiers for the first time in his Emancipation Proclamation. True 12. Generals on both sides quickly took advantage of the accuracy of the new rifled
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computer notes for chapter 16 - Chapter 16 Pretest 1....

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