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Notes test 2 - Notes for Test #2 King Philip's War: New...

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Notes for Test #2 King Philip’s War: New England, 1675-1676 It only lasted a year and a half. It was a civil war between neighbors not between strangers. It is between people who lived in close proximity with one another and have decided that they can’t do it anymore. It was brothers fighting brothers and families fighting families. These people have lived with one another for decades. Indian peoples fought on both sides of the war. Very complex, bloody, destructive conflict. Spark that started King Philip’s War was a murder John Sasamon (Christian Indian). More people were killed in percent to the population than any other war. John Sassamon sets out to Plymouth Colony and he goes to meet the governor. He is carrying very important news. He goes to tell the English that Philip is planning a war against the English. Metacom (King Philip) of the Wampanoag Indians was a sachem. He was a very important leader of the Indians. The English gave him his name out of respect. He was not the only Indian leader involved in this War. Because of the wars origins Philip is credited for the War. John Sassamon thinks this is big news and that he is really helping out the English. He thinks he might be rewarded but he also thinks his life may be in danger because he told the English. The Plymouth Governor does not take the information seriously. Rumors of war had been flying for a long time. A week after the informing, Sassamon disappears. His body is found under some ice in a pond near his home. Rumors began to fly after that. They think that Sassamon may have been murdered. In March and eye witness comes forward and claims he saw three men kill Sassamon and throw his body into the pond. The three men were Wampanoag Indians and they were known to be very loyal to Philip. The three men were convicted and hung for the murder they committed. June 24, 1675 the war was started. The Narragansett’s and the Nipmuck fought with the Wampanoag’s. There were Indian people who chose to fight for the English. The two major groups of people were overlapped. Everyone must choose a side. At first the war went very bad for the English and their allies. Frontier towns were attacked by the Wampanoag Indians. They would just come out of no where and they would just start attacking and taking prisoners and hostages. This was very effective because no one could tell where they were going to hit next because it was random. Once the town was destroyed or on its way to being destroyed the Indians would retreat back into the forests. Lancaster, Massachusetts was attacked by the Indians. In this town lived a woman named Mary Rowlandson. She was the wife of the minister. She watched as her children were killed in front of her. She was captured by the Indians and was held captive for several weeks. She was forced to march into Canada with the Indians. She was forced to work for Philip’s wife. She was eventually ransomed and brought back to Boston. Once she got
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Notes test 2 - Notes for Test #2 King Philip's War: New...

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