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Test 1 notes - January 16, 2008 Lecture 1 Texas has not...

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January 16, 2008 Lecture 1 Texas has not always existed in the form that we know it. Texas is only about 160-170 years old. There have been people in Texas for 8-10 thousand years. Whites haven’t always been the majority. Prehistoric Texans: the first people who started civilization in Texas. They are the first people who began the trip to Texas. The trips to Texas started 18-20 thousand years ago. They came from the land bridge from Alaska. They were living with ice age which could bring extinction to humans. They had a culture that ensured their survival. They had clothing, fire, shelter, and they knew how to work together to ensure their survival. Tribes arrive in the south in the region we call Texas approx. 12 thousand years ago. They found a very diverse piece of land. The jumbled geography created for jumbled settlement. The climate of prehistoric Texas was much different than today. The sea level was about 300 feet lower than it was today. Temperatures were relatively cooler without extreme heat. The region was far more humid with twice the average rainfall. IT was a very lush environment. There was much more vegetation. One a year round basis there was a consistent climate. This allowed for large animals to flourish in Texas. There was large scale fauna that required vegetation to feed on. The most common were mammoths, mastodons, and bison. The mammoths die out about 10-8 thousand b.c.e. This leaves the early Texans the bison to feed on. The first group was the Big Game Hunters: 10-8 thousand b.c.e. The initial hunters were able to thrive because of their ability to bring down very large animals. Technology is very important to human development. They will bring down game mostly because of their weapon design. They used the Clovis point which is basically a spearhead. The clovis point is made out of flint which could pierce animal hide. They also had the Folsom point which helped them hunt. A flint edge can be made sharper than a razor point. Flint is going to be very important. Stone tools are going to enable the early Texans to kill and process game with surprising levels of thoroughness. Flint rock is going to be short in supply on the plains. This made flint working a very valuable trade. It was hard to mold the flint rock into the shape it needed to be in order to kill the animals. Tool workers would make the flint and put them in large boxes. They would store it and take it out and trade with other hunters and workers. They probably traded it for food or other goods. Archeologists have found numerous campsites. Hunters killed mammoths around modern day college station. Hunters camp from northwest and went down to southeast. There have been butchered bison found around modern day Austin. The central plains were more populated than the coast or the woods. Mastodons were more prevalent near Mexico. The eastern woods were thinly populated. There is going to be a new style of life around 6 thousand b.c.e. The hunter/gatherers were around from 6 thousand b.c.e. to
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Test 1 notes - January 16, 2008 Lecture 1 Texas has not...

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