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Fredrick Douglass Slavery is about taking power away from those enslaved. Slaves took back some of that power in the midst of slavery. They are trying to control their situation through resistance. Talk about things that happened to him personally or talk about things that he witnessed. Ways he takes back power: He teaches himself to read. A slave goes into the river and refuses to come out. He is resisting his authority and so he is taking back what little power he
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Unformatted text preview: can. The slaves are singing songs as an expression of sorrow and they are expressing themselves and showing resistance. Ex. Stealing, learning to read, use a couple of examples. Use the two major examples and 2 or 3 smaller. Dont just write a book report or summary. The book can be briefly introduced. Talk briefly about the little control they have and this will go into the section on the little power that the slaves do have....
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