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Test 2 notes - February 18, 2008 Lecture 1 Texas...

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February 18, 2008 Lecture 1 Texas Revolution: planted with the arrival of anglo American immigrants. Santa Anna centralizes the Mexican government. Texian= Anglo; Tejano= Mexican descendent. The anglos are going to accuse the Mexican officals of inflating the taxes. They will resort to smuggling in order to avoid the taxes. Captain Antonio is forced to surrender. The problem comes when the rebels quickly relize that they were not rational. Travis and the other Texians are going to look for ways to make amends. The problem is going to come when the commander of the eastern province of mexico, General martin Perfecto de Cos, Santa Anna’s brother in law, is unmoved by the efforts of reconciliation with the Texians. He is going to get forceful with the Texians. With the support of officals in San Antonio Cos is going to ask that Texians show their loyalty by turning over travis, Williams, and Lorenzo. No arrests were made and the Texians prepared for the invasion. At this point calls are goiong to go out for a convention, the Consultation to be held at Washington on the Brazos. It’s the furthest north on the Brazos as the ships could go to bring things to the brazos. It meets in October of 1835. They try and plan a course of action for the province. Austin had concluded that Santa Annas switch and his suppression of the rebellion left no choice. Texas had to separate its self from Mexico. Cos left Matamoras in September. He traveled by water landing by corpus Christi and he is going to march over land to San Antonio. The Texians are beginning to organize. The commencement of hostility, war, will begin in October 1835. Troops are sent to Gonzales to retrieve a cannon which was lent to the locals to defend themselves against the Indians. The Texians are going to refuse to hand it over. The Texians made the “Come and Take it” Flag. The Texians then attack the Mexican force which caught the Mexicans off guard because they were expecting a fight. This is barely a skirmish but it marks the point of no return. There was no turning back once shots were fired. Many say the revolution came about because of slavery. Did slave-owners create the revolt out of concern for protecting the institution? No they didn’t. It was not a major part in the revolution. It was one difference in separating the Mexicans from the Texians. It was important but not the cause. Another theory is that the revolution started over us conspiracy. Andrew Jackson was a good friend of Sam Houston. Jackson wanted Texas and to get this he sends Houston on a secret mission to start a revolution in order to get Texas for the United States. This was not the case either. This did not start the revolution. Jackson did encourage Houston to go to Texas, but there is no evidence of a conspiracy. The third argument is that the revolution started because of the freedom-loving people rising up against Mexican oppression. No this is not why the revolution started. Another theory of the revolution is the ethnic and cultural differences. This was a major cause in the start of
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Test 2 notes - February 18, 2008 Lecture 1 Texas...

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