History of Key Dates and Events in US Immigration History

History of Key Dates and Events in US Immigration History -...

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History of Key Dates and Events in US Immigration History Colonization : 1807/1808- federal law prohibiting importation of slaves Frontier : 1864- federal makes laws 1875- 1 st federal law to regulate immigration, excluded Chinese, prostitutes and criminals Industrialization : 1882- Chinese Exclusion Act 1882- Immigration Act (set up state boundaries to monitor immigration, 50 cent head tax) 1907- Gentlemen’s Agreement between Japan and USA, limited migration from Japan, not to deport Japanese or give Japanese a special status 1917- literacy test 1918- Passports 1921- Immigration Act (1 st quota act) imposed national numerical limits (3% of total number of foreign born from that country present in the US white population in 1910 1924- Immigration Act adjusted 1921 immigration act and made it 2% Globalization Prelude : 1942- Bracero program- set up to recruit temporary migrants from Mexico to work in
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Unformatted text preview: agriculture. 1952- Immigration and Nationality Act revised quota and preference system Globalization : 1965- Immigration and Nationality Act abolished national origins quota stem and differential treatment of migrants from western and eastern hemispheres (opened up immigration from Asia) 1966- Cuban Refugee Act permitted Cuban refugees uprooted after overthrow by Castro 1976- Amendments to the 1965 act by extending the preference system and set a limited to the western hemisphere 1986- IRCA intended to reduce illegal migration. Banned employment of illegal migrants and provided amnesty to former illegal people who have lived in the United States 1996- Immigration Act strengthens border patrol, deports illegal people with fraudulent documents, goal is to redue illegal migration 2008- increased border security measures, enforce employment laws (fence in Mexico)...
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