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Immigration and American Unionism ch5

Immigration and American Unionism ch5 - Immigration and...

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Immigration and American Unionism Chapter 5: Mass Immigration Ceases: Unionism Takes off 1921- 1965 Setting: Foreign born had fallen to 4.4% the lowest level in the nations history Over the same time, union membership rose to levels of absolute numbers that had never been experienced before and with nearly one n three nonagricultural workers belonging to a union Laws were passed guaranteeing the right of workers to join unions and to bargain collectively, to receive minimum wages, to limit daily and weekly hours before overtime rates are obligatory, to restrict child labor and to expand publicly supported education and training opportunities Widening gulf in the distribution of income Quality of life = primary concern “the shutting off of the immigrant flow made clear to the second and third generations that their future lay in the new society” An end to the trust busting era Mass immigration ceases; unionism takes off- Rural people moved to the urban sector Stock market crashed -> led to the mass layoff of workers Over the course of the decade 1930 the labor force grew by an average of 400,000 people per year as persons from all walks of life desperately sought a way to earn income for themselves or their families Immigration became an inconsequential influence on the growth of the labor force During the war employers had to look to domestic sources previously ignored: women youth the disabled During the war factories were converted to making war goods exclusively, people rationed goods The national war labor board (NWLB) allowed various fringe benefits to be introduced to compensate workers for their efforts 1946 unionism raised fear of union power in business community and because of wave of strikes, apprehension among those elements of the general public who did not belong to unions…that resulted in the republicans taking over both houses of congress and
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