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group project 4 - Group Project 4 "Grainy...

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Group Project 4 “Grainy Picture” by Tom Zind The cereal bar market has grown very rapidly in the last six years due to how well it resonated with the ever-changing lifestyle of consumers. This 1.4 billion dollar market grew 48 percent in the period of 2001 to 2006 and is expected to grow 22 percent by 2011. This gradual flattening out of the market will be due to the maturing of the market, the addition of more private labels, and a dwindling creativity of new products and original marketing ideas. This will however continue to be very respectable growth. The market is additionally subdivided into granola bars and breakfast/cereal/snack bars. The increase in sales of granola bars will help maintain the future growth of the cereal bar market as they make up the majority of the growth, rising about 42 percent from 01-06 compared to a 35 percent increase by breakfast/cereal/snack bars in the same period. Cereal bars have many benefits for consumers.
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group project 4 - Group Project 4 "Grainy...

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