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NUTR 202 Unit 1 Nutrition is a “melting pot” science b/c of it’s broad scope (interdisciplinary science) Food is a basic need of humans o Food security/food insecurity insecurity in 10% of U.S. Households Food = potential weapon in bioterrorism botulism toxin, ricin, radioactive particles, microorganisms like salmonella or e. coli, etc. o Botulism toxin = single most poisonous substance known Energy nutrients = carbohydrates, proteins, fats o Vitamins, minerals, and water used to convert these into energy Antioxidants: chemical substances that prevent or repair damage to cells caused by exposure to oxidizing agents such as environmental pollutants smoke, ozone, and oxygen. Oxidation reactions are also a normal part of cellular processes. Found in many vegetables (ex. Beta-carotene in carrots) Health problems related to nutrition originate within cells Humans have adaptive mechanisms for managing fluctuations in nutrient intake
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Unformatted text preview: There are no good or bad foods NUTR 202 Unit 2 Chronic diseases: slow-developing, long-lasting disease that are not contagious. They can be treated but not always cured. (ex. Heart disease, cancer) Diabetes: a disease characterized by abnormally high levels of blood glucose Stroke: the event that occurs when a blood vessel in the brain suddenly ruptures or becomes blocked, cutting off blood supply to a portion of the brain. Stroke is often associated with hardening of the arteries: in the brain. Osteoporosis: a condition in which bones become fragile and susceptible to fracture due to a loss of calcium and other minerals. Cirrhosis of the liver: degeneration of the liver, usually caused by excessive alcohol intake over a number of years Our bodies havent changed...
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