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Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Dioxide Sarah Knuckey I Discovery...

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Carbon Dioxide Sarah Knuckey February 18, 2008 I. Discovery a The properties of carbon dioxide were discovered and studied thoroughly in the 1750s. The Scottish physician Joseph Black (16 April 1728 – 6 December 1799 ) was the first to identify carbon dioxide. He found that limestone, also known as calcium carbonate, could be heated or treated with acid to yield a gas he called "fixed air." i. He observed that this “fixed air” was more dense than air and could not support fire or any type of animal life. He also found that when bubbled through a solution of lime, also known as calcium hydroxide, it would precipitate calcium carbonate. ii. He used this phenomenon to illustrate that carbon dioxide is the product of human and animal respiration, meaning it is exhaled by living creatures. He was the first person to isolate carbon dioxide in a perfectly pure state. i. This was an important step in the history of chemistry as it helped people to realize that air was not a singular element, but rather was composed of many different things.
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II. Characteristics of Carbon Dioxide a Human Health Hazards 1) Asphyxiation . Releasing any gas in a confined or unventilated area can lower the concentration of oxygen to a level that is immediately dangerous to life or health. One should be very careful entering a truck or room where solid or gaseous CO 2 is stored. Likewise, some businesses and laboratories store dry ice in large top-loading ice chests; it is extremely dangerous to stick one’s head in the bottom of these ice chests to retrieve blocks because the oxygen content is dangerously low here. 2)
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Carbon Dioxide - Carbon Dioxide Sarah Knuckey I Discovery...

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