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IR - Sarah Knuckey CHEM 237-545 Infrared Spectroscopy...

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Sarah Knuckey CHEM 237-545 October 13, 2006 Infrared Spectroscopy Discussion In the first part of this experiment, we used the computers to help us learn about infrared spectroscopy. This computer program succeeded in teaching me some of the basic concepts of IR, such as bond bending and stretching as seen on the IR spectra, functional group characteristics on the IR spectra, and how the many peaks on the IR spectra can tell me about what is contained in an unknown compound. I didn’t memorize any of this information, but the worksheet I completed in lab acted as a reference that aided me in completing and understanding the second part of the experiment. After completing the worksheet with the help of the program, I conducted my own IR on a compound called anisole. I printed out the graph and proceeded to decipher it. I first looked at the structure of the compound and determined the functional groups it contained, which were benzene, ether, alkane, and alkenes. Then I took my handouts and
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