test3Makeup - PY2O5N FaIl 2007 TEST 3 make-up 75 minutes...

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PY2O5N FaIl 2007 TEST 3, make-up 75 minutes CLOSED BOOK Name (print) Josaak T. fi^rkr. ID# 000 ?'t'2 E"&, Sectionf Orl; Part A. Multiple-Choice Questions (75%, i,e., 5 points for each question) Instracti,ons for Part,A: Circle the best answer to each of these fifbeen questions. You do not need to explain your thinking, and work shown will not be graded. 1. A car with 0.45-m-radius tires is traveling at 60 mph (27 mls). What is the angular velocity of the tires? @ 60 rad/s (b) 50 radls (c) 40 rad/s (d) 30 rad/s e7,' V" n{,.) 31-' 'a|ut 2. A 0.30-m-radius grinding wheel slows down at a steady rate of 0.10 rad/s2. What is the linear acceleration of a point on the edge of the grinding wheel? (a) 1.0 m/s2 (b) 0.20 m/s2 t ^\r - o.oso */,' C'#') * ^ ol fa; o.oo+o *7r' 3. A car moves along a road with speed u. A piece of tape is attached to one of its tires, which rolls without slipping on the road. When the tape is at the bottom of the tire, its (i.e., the tape's) speed with respect to the road is @o (b) , (c) 2u 4. A rotating wheel undergoes a constant acceieration of -0.43 radf s2. If its angular velocity is *23 rad/s at :0, How many revolutions cioes it make before coming to a stop? 2s ""\. /\ [,/l \J .'1 (a) 65 (b) 76 9L87 ^//A\ ha /pt)' '(**\t 2 't/*' 'n)
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5. The table below lists the masses and coordinates (r and y) of a group of three point masses that lie in the
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test3Makeup - PY2O5N FaIl 2007 TEST 3 make-up 75 minutes...

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