test4Makeup - -PY2O5N Fall 2007 TEST 4, mal

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-- PY2O5N Fall 2007 TEST 4, mal<e-up 75 minutes CLOSED BOOK Name (print 1 -)*"pt, 7, 6*U. rD# ooo11 > q"6 Sectionf 6b6 Part A. Multiple-Choice Questions (75T0, i,.e.,5 points for each question) Instructi,ons for Part A; Circle the best answer to each of these fifbeen questions. You do not need to explain your thinking, and work shown wil] not be graded. 1. In the figure, a given force F is applied to a rod in several different ways. In which case -F about the pivot P greatest? @)a (b) 5 @1 (d) 3 (e) 2 oscillations? Q'tt (b) /5 @tt'ts 2, Refer to the figure below which shows a 4.0-kg square sign being supported by fasteners (e.g., bolts) at ? and B. What is the magnitude of the hori,zontal force exerted on the sign by the fastener at ?? (The space between the wall an the sign is small compared to thd width of the sign.) @zow (b) e8 N (c) 7.8 N @o* 4. If the total energy of a harmonic oscillator is reduced by Il3, what is the change in the amplitude of the 7 ,t 1' +F 2' 3' +F T_\ k*, V*oo"u 4.r' zruu l; FI r)z l<" le r,",vL latVArrAz** tL: ltb)A./e)a 3,:42 G,A $.2^trl,-(zT fi".3?7 1 , q 0:'s\r, s(- 3, If ]oth the mass and length of a simple pendulum are doubled, the period will ((g) d""r"*e by a factor of lf rt. (b) increase by a factor of 2.
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This note was uploaded on 03/26/2008 for the course PY 205N taught by Professor Patty during the Fall '07 term at N.C. State.

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test4Makeup - -PY2O5N Fall 2007 TEST 4, mal

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