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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 16 Outline: GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE!! RAWR!!! Overview: Humans are changing the planet, and by now you should know that one of the ways they are doing so is via the emission of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) in turn provide for a warmer troposhpere.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Historical air temperature : The earth has a history of cooling and warming, records of which go back to about 900,000 years.- Look at graphs on pg. 369 of text, know trends.- There are two GHGs that occur in overwhelming concentrations. They are? How about the others?- Do all GHGs have the same affect per unit?- Does the scientific community accept climate change? To what extent?---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Understand the greenhouse effect! (see slide 8)- How tight is the relation between carbon dioxide concentration and temperature?How tight is the relation between carbon dioxide concentration and temperature?...
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