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Unformatted text preview: Physics 100 How Things Work Frank Tsui, MWF 8 AM Please pick up a "clicker" as you come in and get it registered later today Please return the clicker to the same slot in the box (in alphanumerical order) and for the remainder of the semester pick up the SAME clicker with the same 2-digit code as you come in Physics 100 Fall 2007 Physics 100 How Things Work Instructor: Frank Tsui Office: 160 Phillips Phone: 919-962-0305 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: W 11-12 and 1-3, and by appt. Schedule: MWF at 8 AM, 215 Phillips Hall Text: How Things Work, the Physics of Everyday Life, by Louis A. Bloomfield (John Wiley, New York, 3rd Edition, 2006). Physics 100 Fall 2007 Teaching Assistants Supplemental Instruction Laurel Averett, Office: 309 Caudill [email protected] Time and place TBA (next week) Classroom Demonstrations Haw Cheng, Office: 130 Phillips [email protected] Graders Samantha Hammond, [email protected] Alan Liu, [email protected] Mike Hadsell, [email protected] Jeff Cohen, [email protected] Physics 100 Fall 2007 Goals for Course We will: Learn that science is not a scary subject Think about the daily physical world around us Study everyday objects to introduce basic physics concepts and language Develop ideas and logic to analyze physical phenomena We will not: Obscure the physical ideas with lots of math Physics 100 Fall 2007 "The one real object of an education is to leave a person in the condition of continually asking questions." Bishop Mandell Creighton Physics 100 Fall 2007 Example Topics to be Covered Physics 100 Fall 2007 Activities and Grading Scheme 1. Pretests 5 % Intended to get you to read the book before material is covered in class 2. Classroom participation using i-clickers 5 % Encouraging participation (the correctness of your answers will NOT contribute to the grade) 3. Homework and Home Experiments 25 % Both due in class on dates assigned in the Course Schedule; 10 % off until 5 PM; not accepted after 5 PM. 4. Hour Exams 40 % best 2 out of 3. NO make-up exams 5. Final Exam 25 % Physics 100 Fall 2007 Attendance? Come to Class and Participate i-clickers Physics 100 Fall 2007 Homework + Participation = 35 % of Grade Homework + Participation = 35 % of Grade Physics 100 Fall 2007 Typical Weekly Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Pretest A Posted HW B Posted Monday Pretest A Due Pretest B Posted Tuesday Wednesday HW C Posted HW- B Due Thursday Thursday Friday HW A Due Friday HWHE = Homework + Home Experiments Posted = Web + ClassFall 2007 Physics 100 The Initial Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday 8/22 Pretest 1 posted Thursday Friday 8/24 HW 1 posted Monday 8/27 Pretest 1 due Pretest 2 posted Tuesday Wednesday 8/29 HW 1 due HW 2 posted Thursday Friday 8/31 Pretest 2 due Posted = Web + Class Physics 100 Fall 2007 Course Website Blackboard: Class schedule showing assignments Pretests to read only! Pretests Test questions Grades posted Class presentations HW solutions External links If you have trouble with the Website, please email me or contact 962-HELP. Physics 100 Fall 2007 Already Posted on the Course Website ( Physics 100 Fall 2007 The Final is December 8th at 8 AM Plan accordingly. Frank cannot change this. But Professor, my family reunion with 250 people is December 8th. Can I take the test early? No. For 6 million $? Well ... Physics 100 Fall 2007 What's in the Text? Check your understanding and figures answers at end of chapter Chapter summaries Important Laws and Equations Appendices (Vectors, Unit Conversions, Glossary) Exercises (explanations) Problems (numbers) Odd answers at end of book (source of pretests) Read the book carefully and slowly Interested in renting the Text? "Ram Book & Supply" [email protected] Physics 100 Fall 2007 Plan for the Next Two Weeks 8/22 8/29 Skating throwing bananas Falling balls throwing footballs Ramps breaking eggs Seesaws Levers, balances Wheels brakes, spinning v, a, Inertia Force, Newton's Laws 1&2 Gravity, weight, trajectories 8/31 9/7 Newton's Law 3 Energy and Work Angular Motion Torque Friction, Conservation of Energy and Momentum 9/10 Physics 100 Fall 2007 Skating Section 1.1 Physics 100 Fall 2007 Question: A rotary lawn mower spins its sharp blade rapidly over the lawn and cuts the tops of the grasses off. Would the blade still cut the grasses if they weren't attached to the ground? A. Yes B. No Physics 100 Fall 2007 Observations About Skating (or sliding a puck) At rest on a level surface: If you just wait, you stay stationary If you're pushed, you start moving that direction Moving on a level surface: If you just wait, you coast steadily in straight line If you're pushed, you change direction or speed Physics 100 Fall 2007 Physics Concept Inertia A body at rest tends to remain at rest A body in motion tends to remain in motion Physics 100 Fall 2007 Newton's First Law (Version 1) An object that is free of external influences moves in a straight line and covers equal distances in equal times. Physics 100 Fall 2007 Physical Quantities Position an object's location Velocity its change in position with time Physics 100 Fall 2007 ...
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