11/16 Notes - Ecosystem Diversity 11.16 Least diverse...

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Ecosystem Diversity 11.16 Least diverse biomes on earth are those under ice or barren rock (most depauperate) Ex. Polar and high mountain ice (Prob only algae, lichen, and bacteria (both eukaryotes and prokaryotes but not lots of diversity) This is because of the cold and dryness Come down from the mountains Tundra! Tundra is composed by lush Tree line in the Tundra because of the climate trees can’t grow but small grass like plants instead (like once you get 2 the Harding Icefield Trail) Coniferous forests generally deal best with cold and dry conditions Very careful with water, (conserve water very well do well in cold and dry environments) Temperate grasslands are often fire-dependent Big flush of growth which then dies and becomes great fuel for fire, so fire happens and kills all potential trees Bison roam the temperate grasslands Temperate grassland in Central, North America Savannas support a distinctive mix of trees and grass Temperate deciduous forests are highly seasonal and contain some fascinating biogeographic similarities In China Chaparral is generally full of fire-adapted species in Mediterranean climates The stems are very resistant to fire Deserts are sometimes surprisingly rich in plant diversity! Dry! Because of extremely hot temperatures which bakes the environment constantly Cactus (plural cacti) have spines to keep other animals (tetrapods) from stealing their water in their tissues Tropical forests are usually “rain forests” of high humidity and reduced seasonality These forests are very wet (some tropical dry forests) Wetlands are land areas of saturated soils (soil w. maximum amount of water)- this could
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11/16 Notes - Ecosystem Diversity 11.16 Least diverse...

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